How a TEDx Event Sharpened Me as Leader (and 6 Ideas That Can Transform You, Too)

And then there was the TEDx Willowcreek event…

This past weekend proved to bring one of the biggest mindset shifts of my business career.

I was among the fortunate ones who made the cut to attend the #TEDxWillowcreek2018. And, oh what a time I had with so many purpose-driven women in one place — all with one goal in mind. Metamorphosis.

TEDX Willowcreek Attendee

The theme of the day was transformation and every speaker came in true TEDx style.

Before I dive into the meat of it all, I first have to say, “Ohhhh the buzz!”

The excitement pre-event was electrifying. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a dynamic online group. The members were connecting, sharing, and building community even BEFORE meeting in person. It was beautiful to see everyone genuinely supporting one another.

Next was the member to member information sharing which, as my teen would say, was off the chain!

Several women in the group took the lead to show beginners how networking is done. There were articles shared, books recommended, and, the icing on the cake was peer-to-peer mentoring. The sowing between attendees created a sisterhood.

Then there was the actual event. The day of the TED Talks.

This is where the magic continued to happen. Nine brilliant women took their place on the coveted TEDx red circle. Each having a unique experience about the transformation that impacted their views on life and business.

Some, like Dr. Kamilah Stevenson and Ashley Black, came to get us to “think about the decisions we make” that impact our health and to ask ourselves, “what more can I be doing?”

Ashanti Johnson helped us with manifesting. She shared techniques and encouraged everyone to “take time every single day to visualize” our dreams using all of our senses and to “take steps every day” until the dream becomes real.

Another takeaway that I honestly didn’t see coming was from Sue McCloskey, Dairy Farm Innovator. When I heard that someone was going to talk about the life cycle of milk, I had to really keep an open mind. But Sue’s ideas totally took me by surprise and into creator mode. Honestly, by the time she wrapped up her talk, I was inpsired to get my very own purple cow plan done (pun intended). Side note: If you’ve never read the book, Purple Cow, it’s a fairly short read on business marketing and I highly recommend it. 

Ronne Brown also brought the fire in her own humble way as she shared the importance of telling your story even if it includes shame. She challenged us all to do something that can be extremely hard, which is to “ignore the limits placed on you by others.” When you do you become empowered by being exactly who you are.

And as if the task of pulling the mask off isn’t scary enough, the sharpening continued with a life-changing message from Dr. Veronica Winston. There’s so much of ourselves that we try to hide from as we’re intuitively directed to do a specific thing. But, shrinking back and second-guessing ourselves mustn’t happen. Why? Because you never know what small act of kindness may be a huge solution to the person who receives it.

Remember, also, that in all your business building and being Super Woman for others, that you must be kind to yourself.

Self-love. That was the message given by Cheryle Jackson to the room full of women who sat intensely focused in their chairs. She painted the picture of the trailblazer within our minds and taught us that “grace is a superpower that sustains and transforms you”.  When it comes to living full out, you’ll often have to “Go into beast mode and become the CEO of your life.”

And if those ideas weren’t enough to fill our cups, in came Arsha Jones. This powerhouse stood boldly and exclaimed, “This is the last time.” “No one is going to save you” so shift your mindset.

Shifting is exactly what took place as we learned about the old versus the new way of thinking about confession from Ann Beiler, founder of Auntie Annie’s Pretzels. Her message? Confession is freedom.

“Our world needs transparency and honesty”, she said. “We just need to be real and talk about it.”

One blog post doesn’t fully capture what transpired inside the TEDx event. What I can say for sure is this, if you have a topic that you are passionate about, get in the room with others who share that passion, too. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be transformed. Or maybe, just maybe, you will be next up on the red circle with an idea worth sharing!

Were you an attendee at TEDx Willowcreek2018? Be sure to connect with me over on Instagram and LinkedIn. Let’s keep the transformation going!





5 Simple Steps to Manage Money Well in Business

Hello friends!

It’s money management Monday and you know what that means? Time to catch up on any work that’s been backing up and stay on track with planning. Not sure where to begin? Well, you’re in luck because I have two gifts to help you out.

A little over two years ago, I was interviewed by Barbara Gentry-Pugh, host of Heart Expressions, an online talk show that highlights entrepreneurs and thought leaders. During my segment, I had the privilege of sharing tips from my book, The Five Finance Essentials for Enterprising Women. If you haven’t seen the video, be sure to check it out below.

And, because I really want you to crush your financial goals on the remaining Monday’s from this day forward, I’ve created a free report that you can download, print and take notes.


So be sure to get your copy (my compliments) and leave a comment below to share which of the five steps are you are currently working.


Why You Need a Smart and Simple Savings Strategy

Savings is simply setting aside a portion of every dollar that you earn. It can be difficult to keep the momentum going if you don’t have a vision. That’s why it’s important to have a clear intention. When you have a specific goal in mind, it helps you stick to your plan after you get started.

My mother began teaching me to save when I was around six years old. By that time, I had learned to write my name and was pretty good at adding and subtracting. She’d take me to the bank with her on pay day and hand me the deposit slip to fill out. This happened, without fail, every two weeks until I started high school. It became one of our mother-daughter rituals and, as an adult, it remains a life lesson that I’ll never forget.

There’s so many goals that a person can save for in their personal life and as a business owner. For example, one of the most common savings goals is an emergency fund. That’s where you’ll begin saving for a rainy day. Yes, emergencies can, and will, pop up but that’s just one target to aim for. In your personal life there may be savings for children’s college tuition, family vacations, and your retirement years. But there’s also savings goals for business.

My friend, Jaz, is an administrator at a middle school who aspires to start her own business within the next two years. She’s considering a path as a life coach to women who have been overlooked in their teaching career. Her vision is to equip them to be the candidate whose resume makes it to the top of the pile and gets promoted. She has plans to travel the world speaking and hosting conferences. So she’s putting money away now so that she can pay for classes and coaching certification. Jaz also is positioning to be ready when speaking opportunities show up.

By writing down your savings goals, they will become real. It’s nothing magical. It’s because you’ll see, not just mentally visualize, your savings target. Having it on paper (chalkboard or any way that you can see it in the physical sense) allows you to take practical action steps towards your number. When you’re clear on the amount and know why it’s important, then you can plan and start working towards it.

Savings is just that simple. Rather than a big goal overwhelm you, break it down into smaller, bite-sized chunks instead. That’s what my mother was doing when she took me to the bank. She was patiently and consistently saving towards a new car and upgrades to our home little by little. You need only make one step a time and before you know it, you’ll see your savings grow, too. Then you’ll look up and like many others before you, you’ll be walking around in your vision.

Think about your vision and mission. What is one savings goal that you can work toward in your business?