Why Daughters Model Their Enterprising Mothers

mompreneurs3 (1)
When my daughter was eleven years old she was intrigued by the idea of entrepreneurship after watching Kimora Lee Simmons’ on Life in the Fab Lane. We had been talking about starting an online business over the past few days and the dream that my daughter had for wanting to start one of her own. To my surprise I found that her reason is not just to make money. It was to use her love of art to do the work that she enjoys.

As I sat stunned at the wisdom that came from such a young spirit, I realized that she had been attentively watching the enterprising women in her life. These had left a positive impression that she will carry with her for a lifetime. Like my daughter, I agree that owning a business is rewarding. For me, there are many highlights of being a work-at-home mom. One of the best parts is allowing my daughter to take a role in my business. No matter how large or small her assignment may seem, it is giving her a glimpse into my world. The lessons she learns, as I now see, are invaluable.

Another aspect of entrepreneurship that makes it a perfect fit for me is working with other mompreneurs. Nothing compares to seeing a woman who can cuddle an infant and feed a toddler while being coached on how to put a financial plan in place to grow her business. As a mother of four, I am proud to have learned how to build a successful home-based business and it is inspiring when I see other moms doing the same.

Success is great but being able to contribute what you know to help others grow is important. I heard a quote recently that said when you support a woman in her business, you’re not just buying a product or service. You are also helping children and the generations to come. Sharing resources and tips that help women bring additional income into their homes is very rewarding but there is more. What tops it off is for me is encouraging them to stay the course and keep up the good work.

I would love to hear why you started your own business. What excites you about being an enterprising woman?

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