One Question To Ask Your Prospects That Will Help You Make More Money


Today I watched a video post by Mike Michalowicz. In it he offers a really great tip for turning prospects into paying customers. I liked the idea so much that I decided to continue the conversation here on my blog.

Mike is on point (as usual). Very good idea for entrepreneurs because there is no more waiting months or years to see if your idea is going to be a hit in the market. By asking the simple question that he suggests in his video, you can instantly gauge responses from your ideal clients.

His suggestion? Ask for a deposit up front if they like what you’re selling.

This approach is about the buyer’s commitment and their willingness to take action. Since I am always looking for ways to help others increase sales and keep more of their profits ,here’s something that I would add. To make the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’s idea even better have a prototype of your offering  to show them. In other words, engage the senses. People love being able to try before they buy. While it’s harder to make that happen with an online business, you can give them a demo. Let them see, taste, smell, or feel your offer in action. This way you get to see if your idea fizzles instead of sizzles. You also save   time and money by not losing too during development.

I highly recommend that you check out Mike’s blog. He is the author of the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and can be found at

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