How to Create Your Phenomenal New Year

You can tell a lot about a person by where they spend their money.  In fact, if I were to spend two minutes glancing over your bank statements, credit card purchases and cash receipts, I’d be able to come pretty close to knowing what your top priorities are.

That’s because the things that you value most are the places you put your money. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at your recent financial history. Whether it’s dining at your favorite restaurant for a girl’s night out or buying a new book to get better at a skill, each purchase is a reflection of you. The transactions are what you regard as most important.

Many times we don’t consider our use of money in those terms but it really is a matter of the heart. Or, as I like to say, “It’s a matter of spiritual spending.”

When you understand that money is part of the manifesting process then the way you treat it takes on a whole new light. You get what you want in life not by chance but by intention. So, it’s important to be specific about three things: Your values, your goals, and your focus. In other words, have a plan for how you will use money.

When your daily  financial decisions line up with annual goals, your year-end results will be phenomenal!

That’s what I share in my Enterprising Women’s Mentoring Program. If you haven’t been consistently manifesting your values, I invite you to schedule a clarity call with me to learn what to do to get on track with aligning priorities.

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