How to Reach Any Goal in Your Business

img_6947Rising an hour earlier than my family isn’t always easy. In fact it can downright hard to give up that extra pillow time but it  gets me off to a fabulous start!

Changing behavior is a process that keeps those who embrace it from thinking, saying and doing things that block their peak potential.

Sometimes you’ll see that you aren’t moving in the right direction on your own and you are able to self correct. Other times you can’t tell the forest from the trees and need help to get on track. It is in those times that you may kick and scream because change can be unpleasant.

When correction shows up you may recognize it and turn away saying, “Oh, there’s nothing wrong me”, or “That advice is great but it must be for someone else.” So you continue going about your days doing things as you’ve always done, getting the same results. That is, until, the results no longer serve you.

Discipline requires giving up what creates an undesirable existence in exchange for habits that get the results you want.

Take managing your company’s books, for example. You know that keeping good records and staying up to date lead to making well informed decisions in your business but it may be something you ignore or keep putting off.

Then you scramble to pull it all together at the end of the year for tax time. That’s when you find tons of financial problems like missed opportunities for tax savings and other moves you could have made to improve your bottom line.

Like a child whose disciplined by a parent, making needed changes in your daily routine is uncomfortable at first, but when that time is over you will have paused to consider better choices and taken actions that can lead to a more fulfilling life!

Have you made changes that move the needle in your business lately? I’d love to hear how you became more disciplined in the comments below.


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