Why You Should Face Fear and Do It Anyway

Do you remember your first time?

What was it that pushed you past your boundaries and stretched you out of your comfort zone?

Helping others solve financial problems is what I’m built for. I’ve always enjoyed one-to-one talks with entrepreneurs to do deep dives and make sense of their business finances. That was my business model for years so when I got the call to speak on radio to possibly thousands of budding entrepreneurs, I nearly froze thinking, “Who am I to teach them?”, “What will I say?”, “What if they ask a question that I am not able to answer?”

Maybe you’ve had this experience, too, and second guessed your ability to do a good job at something you’ve never tried before. These were questions that I used to struggle with until I understood their real impact.

You see, one day during a training with a client, I watched as her physical demeanor changed. Over the weeks that we worked together, I could see her becoming increasingly confident using what she learned.

It was then that I realized that she was not alone. There were others, like her, whose business looks good from the outside but struggle silently in the background to stay afloat. That’s when my questions shifted from “what would happen if I showed up and failed?”, to “How many would fail if I didn’t show up?”

From that point, I began to say yes to all of my firsts from teaching workshops to interviewing on radio, to contributing to newspaper articles and writing guest blogs. And while the first time can be intimidating, it can also be liberating because you allow yourself to be all that you are created for.

I’ve stepped up and vowed to speak up and share how I turned financial struggles into successes as an entrepreneur to encourage other enterprising women to prosper in business, too.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. Can you recall the first time you did something brave that significantly changed your business?

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