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3 Universal Laws to Help You Deal with Depression
+ 50 Reasons You Might Be Depressed in Your Business (Some Will Even Make You Laugh)
Have you ever been depressed in your business?

If so, you’re not alone.

While 7% of the general population in the United States is depressed, one study found 49% of entrepreneurs were depressed and it is believed that 30% of entrepreneurs are depressed overall.

This book was written to show entrepreneurs a way forward, so they can deal with business-related depression when it arises and overcome it.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll learn a myriad of ways to beat depression and thrive in your business from 17 inspiring entrepreneurs.


If you’re one of the countless entrepreneurs whose simply too busy to stay on top of paperwork and filing just isn’t your thing, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. I’ve located a service that will take these tedious tasks off your hands and do the filing and sorting for you.

The coolest part is the service integrates with the top accounting software providers saving you time and money on bookkeeping fees.


Every business needs a risk management plan and part of that requires
having a back up plan for all your data.

This service is an affordable option to file backup and hard drive imaging. You’re in business and cannot afford to miss a beat. If your computer ever goes down (because that’s the nature of the beast), Carbonite Backup will save the day.

filefolderGold Brillilant Thoughts

I don’t know very many people who just “love” filing” and paperwork but who can resist taking a peak inside these folders, right? Just imagine placing your important docs in these colorful holders. They’re so pretty that you might even decide to keep them on your desk (an added bonus when there’s due dates you need to remember).

Crystal Heart Flash Drive (Lady Bosses Only)flashdrive

Who needs to fumble around with flash drives when you have this beauty on with easy to access information? Be the envy of your girlfriends when you meetup for business.  This compact flash drive holds 8GB of information.

I love that the storage is large enough to hold important documents and photos when traveling without worrying about misplacing it in a computer bag or leaving something behind.

harddriveHard Drive (Don’t forget to backup your important information)

How many times have you come close to losing your financial information? Imagine what a disaster that would be.

Get this sleek hard drive to hold your scanned files and protect your information for the risk of loss.

Essential Oils (for clarity and an energy boost)essentialoil

Let’s face it, getting financial data in order isn’t the easiest of business tasks. We could all use a bit of help from time to time.

Add a few drops of this to any essential oils diffuser for an instant dose of clarity and mood booster.